Season 2 Underway!

We are excited to have announced our competitors for season 2 which is already underway.

Welcome to K7

Thank you for visiting our website. We constantly work very hard to ensure that everything is up to date while you look around.

K7 Cup Results



Upcoming Matches

Natural Talent vs Band of Misfits

Knights Templar vs Monolithic Gaming

Swift Uprising vs Last Resistances

Finale Gaming vs Rated Gaming

Top 5 Hardpoint Players

EyeVain 1.75 (240-137)
Bjimbo 1.61 (480-299)
Bemo 1.48 (237-160)
Jaces 1.33 (101-76)
Zespy 1.32 (136-103)

Top 5 Search & Destroy Players

Klicman 2.25 (36-16)
Kirtious 1.80 (27-15)
Prodiigy 1.76 (30-17)
Mancini 1.69 (54-32)
Bjimbo 1.55 (113-73)

Top 5 Domination Players

Bjimbo 1.66 (319-192)
Cow 1.65 (76-46)
Dominick 1.60 (83-52)
Varg 1.48 (93-63)
Kirtious 1.40 (74-53)

K7   League


If you haven’t checked us our yet visit our youtube page to get more info and VOD of recent games.

Our Teams

@K7League @JayFlyTweets @FBI_Tugboat @ShiftyHJP @Trev0rrrr @Heroiism7 @A_Space_Fish @Element_Shadow @Kamaka_18 @lCMoorel @That1GuyTG Don’t forget the guys over at the Social Media Department, Officiating Ops, and Graphics. #AppreciateBehindTheScenes

We would also like to thank all orgs who participated in Season 2. Great groups and competitors hoping only the best in everyone’s future endeavors 🙏🏽🙏🏽

We would like to thank all staff members and volunteers who stepped up this season to give us a hand!

Shout out to some of our casters:
@JayFlyTweets @FBI_Tugboat @ShiftyHJP @Trev0rrrr @Heroiism7 @A_Space_Fish @Element_Shadow @Kamaka_18 @lCMoorel @That1GuyTG

We would like to congratulate @4NaturalTalent on being Season 2 Champions! We would also like to take the time to thank everyone who made Season 2 possible! A big shout out to @GitGudHosts @TheRogueEnergy @GamersResortInc @evo9x @DropShotStats

For just offering great services !

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