Registration Now Open

K7 Open Qualifiers Event 2 is now open for registration. Starts January 30th 2021.

Welcome to K7

Thank you for visiting our website. We constantly work very hard to ensure that everything is up to date while you look around.

Madden 21 eLeague

We are excited to announce K7 is looking to venture into Madden 21 as a secondary sourced league.

2021 CW Divisions

Your Season 3 division competitors are set and ready to play in January. Good luck to all teams playing this upcoming season.

Madden21: Green League
  • Titans (3-0)
  • Browns (2-1)
  • Chiefs (2-1)
  • Ravens (2-1)
Madden21: Blue League
  • Patriots (2-0)
  • Ravens (2-0)
  • Cowboys (1-1)
  • Seahawks (1-1)

K7   League


If you haven’t checked us our yet visit our youtube page to get more info and VOD of recent games.

Our Teams

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@K7League predictions for season 3?

•Regular season MVP:
•Rookie of the year:
•First on the regular season standings:
•Last on the regular season standings:

•First 50-bomb:
•First 1v4 S&D clutch:
•First S&D donut:
•First team to bench someone:

Here we go again..

To3 Lf1
Main AR/Sub Flex
In @K7League @VNMgamingHQ
Under Fully funded org
Preferably NA EAST or Central
Be willing to grind and get better

Defeated 0-3 By @HustleEsports_ GG’s To Everyone In Hustle And Thank You To @K7League For Hosting We Are Going To Improve And Be Ready For Regular Season Everyone Just Wait.

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