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2021 CW Divisions

Your Season 3 division competitors are set and ready to play in January. Good luck to all teams playing this upcoming season.

Madden21: Green League
  • Titans (3-0)
  • Browns (2-1)
  • Chiefs (2-1)
  • Ravens (2-1)
Madden21: Blue League
  • Patriots (2-0)
  • Ravens (2-0)
  • Cowboys (1-1)
  • Seahawks (1-1)

K7   League


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Not the way we wanted to perform in our first season w/ k7 how ever at least the fam over @HeartBreakersNY is holding it down .

How division Alpha is looking right now heading into playoffs in the @K7League

League Fact 001: If @HeartBreakersNY win their next two games they will be the FIRST team in K7 History to go UNDEFEATED in the regular season.

*excludes NT and VG cause they joined league with 1-2 weeks already played. 👀

Week 9 🔥🚨

@HypedEsports 🆚 @ValkyrieLLC
@OfficialGodG 🆚 @IndianaSyn
@WeAreValiantGG 🆚 @SwearSociety
@EsportsLNG 🆚 @4NaturalTalent
@WaverunnersGG 🆚 @MGE_Monolithic
@HeartBreakersNY 🆚 @Finale_Gaming
@RatedGamingHQ 🆚 @RatedGamingHQ
@HustleEsports_ 🆚 @KTemplarHQ

Week 8 Games are in and here is your Division: Bravo Standings ⚔️🔥👀

Middle Pack – battle for wild card heatin up 🔥


Week 8 Games are in and here is your Division: Alpha Standings ⚔️🔥👀

Middle Pack – Who will secure 4th and 5 seed?

@RatedGamingHQ (Gold)
@RatedGamingHQ (White)

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